Fatih Gurdal
Game Artist


Just a few quick walktroughs of some models I made. These are not tutorials, but more of a description and explanation of my workflow.


I love Litspheres!... So I made a bunch of them. =]
Best thing is that they can be implemented into a game engine as well.

These Mario Galaxy Litspheres were made during my internship at Utrecht School of the Arts as part of style research for a Serious Game.

These are a collection of Photoshop Actions that I use regularly.
If you have questions about these actions, please post on the polycount forums.

This is a little video showing a cheap way to fake refraction of low poly eyes, by making use of vertex normal editing.

Right model. Default sphere and vertex normals. No refraction of the iris.
Left model. Edited sphere, for fake "refraction", default vertex normals. Note that the specular doesn't look very good.
Middle model. Edited sphere for fake refractions with edited vertex normals. Specular looks good now. And looks like some refraction is going on with the iris.

The edited vertex normals can be done in multiple ways.
Either hand edit the vertex normal direction yourself.
Transfer vertex normals from the original sphere.
Or "bake"/transfer vertex normals from a highpoly model.
The last method is what has been used in this example. Note that the iris area seems to have a slight bump compared to the default sphere on the right.

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