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For a more in depth making of, please check out the "Gameloft Female" one first.
I go over my reasoning for doing certain things the way I do in more detail, and generally explain some techniques better.

Same as with the "Gameloft Female" model, I start out with a pre existing model to use as a base.

Since this character mainly has organic materials, the base meshes are pretty simple. All the surface detail will be taken care of when sculpting.
The only models that have been modelled "properly" are the shoes, the glasses and other small bits, like the shoulder detail, buttons, bandages, etc..

Again, when detailing I tend to start from the top of the model and work down. As you can see in this image, the head was detailed first, the body next, etc.

The final high poly model.

The final low poly model.

After unwrapping the model, made a bake to check for any artefacts and areas that need to be fixed.
Overall a good bake, minor edits were needed.

Close-up of the face, extra attention was given to proper edge loops on the face, so it could be animated properly.

Final diffuse texture applied to the model.

Final diffuse texture.

Diffuse texture and specular texture. The same method of texturing has been used as described in the "Gameloft Female" making-of.

Normal map and Gloss texture.

Glow texture.

And the final result:

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