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Game Artist

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For a more in depth making of, please check out the "Gameloft Female" one first.
I go over my reasoning for doing certain things the way I do in more detail, and generally explain some techniques better.

Using an existing model, I started to edit the head using poly modeling. Since I have a base head model, with proper topology and an UV unwrap, editing the head is very easy.

This character has allot of layers in its clothing and a fair bit of hard surfaces as well, so I decided to do most of the heavy lifting in a 3d modelling application, and add detail like folds and what not in a sculpting app.

I have again decided to start of with the head model and the torso, and branch out from there.

The final high poly model.

The final low poly model.

Diffuse texture and specular texture. The same method of texturing has been used as described in the "Gameloft Female" making-of.

Normal map and Gloss texture.

And the final result:

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